Objectives of the degree programme

IBAYSUP 2012 002The constant degradation of our ecosystem, the air and water pollution, the depletion of ozone in the atmosphere, the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the progressive loss of soil fertility in fragile tropical soils, are the pressing problems that endanger our environment and our life. Therefore it is urgent to train scientists that could examine and understand the complex environmental issues, predict environmental change, and participate in responsible management of the environment. It is this objective in mind that IBAYSUP decided to open the Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences (HIES) which offers Bachelor Sciences degree and Masters of Sciences which are an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problem solving.The Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences (HIES) provides breadth of training in the fundamental Science subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Arts and Social Sciences. The revision of the fundamental science will help the students to be on the same base of knowledge before the acquisition of key and specialized subjects such as Agroforestry, Climate change, Environmental Health in global environment management, Natural Resource Policy and Economics which will open job opportunity to students graduating from IBAYSUP. Moreover students will take advantage of opportunities for hands-on experience in collecting and analysing data in the physical, biological and social sciences related to environment. This will be mostly done during the six months of internship passed in research or development organizations involved in conservation and protection of environment.

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