Objectives of the Degree Programme


1.  Train and develop skilful and competent professionals for Agroforestry,
Climate change, Environmental Health Science and Environmental Impact
2.  Ensure that graduates are not marginalized in the knowledge and
expertise required for the management of modern global environmental
companies and organizations.
3.  Provide a broad-based adult and continuing education for the knowledge
society in Cameroon and Africa.
4.  Pursue academic and professional excellence by the recruitment, training
and retention of high calibre and dedicated faculty and management personnel.
5.  Regularly assess and review the institution’s courses, programmes, and
activities to respond to changes in the social and developmental environment
in Cameroon and Africa sub-region

Admission requirements

Bachelor degree of science from HIES, a good first degree from an accredite
institution (second class lower division or better) in Environmental Science, Social
Science or other Science or closely related disciplines.

Graduation requirements

– 120 credits for 4 semesters.
– Major in Agroforestry
– Major in Environmental Impact Assessment
– Major in Environmental Health Science
– Major in Climate Change Students must have passed in 120 credits comprising all compulsory courses (45 credits), some elective courses or minor courses (39 credits), free elective courses chosen by students according to its specialization (6 credits) and all research courses credits (30 credits). To earn a Minor in Environmental Science the student must have passed the specified Minor courses (45 credits) and its research courses (30 credits) to hold a Master of Sciences in Environmental Science.

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