Bursaries for attending EVIDENCE 2018

The AEN secretariat and 3ie offer bursaries to Africans for attending the EVIDENCE 2018 Conference in South Africa. The 2018 conference programme will focus on four areas of priority in Africa, including one on climate resilience. Applicants are required to submit an indication of how they intent to map out the evidence ecosystems in their respective countries, sectors, or areas of work. Applicants can either apply for a full bursary which covers the cost of conference registration, air travel, and accommodation, or a partial bursary which is a waiver of the conference registration fee only. The bursary application process closes 01 June 2018

Barcelona Zoo Foundation — Grants for Research and Conservation Projects

The Barcelona Zoo Foundation provides grants and financial aid to research and conservation projects focussing on animal wellbeing and knowledge of species in their environment; applied conservation techniques, both in situ and ex situ, at a global level; and Mediterranean biodiversity. Eligibility extends to individuals and non-profit organizations. Projects may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Catalan. Applicants are expected to contribute up to one-third of the total annual budget of the submitted project. The deadline for submitting applications is 03 June 2018.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo — Grants for Wildlife Conservation

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund makes grants for wildlife conservation and research that focuses on rare, threatened, and endangered animals and their habitats. The priority is for in situ conservation projects. Most grants range from US$2 thousand to US$4 thousand. The principal investigator must be associated with a recognized institution. The deadline for applications is 01 June 2018. 

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